The following experiments have been selected for the BEXUS 26/27 Campaign and will be flown in 2018:

BX26 – OSCAR Q-LITE (Optical Sensors based on CARbon materials: Quantum Lightweight ITEration)

Hasselt University, BELGIUM

Launch Date: TBD 2018

BX26 – TUBULAR (Alternative AirCore Atmospheric Trace Gas Sampling)

Luleå University of Technology, SWEDEN

Launch Date: TBD 2018

BX26 – IMUFUSION (Reliable, miniaturised and universal localisation system for aerial vehicles)

Hochschule Nordhausen University, GERMANY

Launch Date: TBD 2018

BX27 – LODESTAR  (high aLtitude experiment On cosmic raDiation inducEd defectS in CIGS solar cells wiTh high precision meAsuRements)

Uppsala University, SWEDEN

Launch Date: TBD 2018

BX27 – LUSTRO (Light and Ultraviolet Strato-and-Tropospheric Radiation Observer)

Warsaw University, POLAND

Launch Date: TBD 2018

BX27 – WHB ( Die Wirkung der Höhenlage auf Bakteriensporen)

FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences (FH Aachen), GERMANY

Launch Date: TBD 2018

BX27 – QUEST (Quadspectral Unaided Experiment Scanner of Topography)

Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, GERMANY

Launch Date: TBD 2018


REXUS – Rocket EXperiments for University Students – is an annual sounding rocket programme.


BEXUS – Balloon EXperiments for University Students – is an annual stratospheric research balloon programme.