1. Creating a new user

First step is to create a new user. Go to http://joinspace.esa.int and click the button ‘Register’ on the left menu.

Include as much information as possible in the fields shown. When you are ready, hit the ‘Register’ button on the top menu.

An entry with the information provided will be created in the ESA JoinSPace data base. Please note that the user name and password are generated in the following way:

User Name:

Your user name consists in a string of up to 8 lowercase letters, starting with the initials of your first name(s) and followed by your last name. For example:

  • user name of “Max Planck” would be “mplanck
  • user name of “Ernest Rutherford” would be “erutherf” (notice the last name is cropped to comply with the 8 character maximum requirement)
  • user name of  “Johannes van der Waals” would be “jvdwaals” (notice that for last names composed of more than one word, except for the last word, only the initials are taken)
  • user name of “André-Marie Ampère” would be “aampere” (notice that names joined by a hypen, count only as one word)
  • user name of “Juan Ignacio Cirac Sasturain” would be “jicsastu” (notice that no matter the number of first names or surnames introduced, except for the last word, only the initials are taken)

Password: By default, the password is set to “0000” when the account is created. The user shall login to their accounts and change the password intermediately.

One registered, go to the ‘Login Section‘ on the left menu, introduce your user name and password and hit the ‘Login’ button.