The following experiments have been selected for the REXUS 25/26 Campaign and will be flown in 2019:

RX25 – PRIME (Plasma measuRements wIth Micro Experiment)

Royal Institute of Technology, SWEDEN

Launch Date: TBD 2019

RX25 – HEDGEHOG (High-quality Experiment Dedicated to microGravity Exploration, Heat flow and Oscillation measurement from Gdańsk)

Gdańsk University of Technology, POLAND

Launch Date: TBD 2019

RX25 – GAME (Glider for Atmospheric Measurements and Experiments)

Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena, GERMANY

Launch Date: TBD 2019

RX25 – FORAREX (FORAminifera Rocket EXperiment)

Universität Bremen, GERMANY

Launch Date: TBD 2019

RX25 – FLOMESS (Flight Loading Measurement System)

Universität der Bundeswehr München, GERMANY

Launch Date: TBD 2019

RX26 – BESPIN (Balloon Ejection Student Prototype Investigation)

Luleå University of Technology, SWEDEN

Launch Date: TBD 2019

RX26 – TRACZ (Testing Robotic Applications for Catching in Zero-g)

Wrocław University of Science and Technology, POLAND

Launch Date: TBD 2019

RX26 – PR3 (Payload for Radiation measurement and Radio-interferometry in Rockets)

Eindhoven University of Technology  & Radboud University of Nijmegen, NETHERLANDS

Launch Date: TBD 2019

RX26 – TUPEX-6 (TU Berlin Picosatellite Experiment-6)

Technische Universität Berlin, GERMANY

Launch Date: TBD 2019

RX26 – ELVIS (Exploration of Low-Velocity collisions In Saturn’s rings)

Technische Universität Braunschweig, GERMANY

Launch Date: TBD 2019



The following experiments have been selected for the REXUS 23/24 Campaign and will be flown in March 2018:

RX24 – AQUASONIC – Black Box (Development of a memory flash device)

University of applied Science Bremen (Hochschule Bremen), GERMANY

Launch Date: March 2018

RX24 – MORE (Measuring Optoelectronics in Rocket Experiment)

ISAE SUPAERO and University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse,  FRANCE

Launch Date: March 2018

RX24 – PIOneERS (Measuring Plasma Impedance Of ne using Ejectable Recoverable System)

University of Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM

Launch Date: March 2018

RX24 – ROACH (Robotic in-Orbit Analysis of Cover Hulls)

University of Stuttgart, GERMANY

Launch Date: March 2018

RX24 – WOLF (Wobbling Control system for spinning Free falling unit)

Royal Institute of Technology KTH, SWEDEN

Launch Date: March 2018

RX23 – ARES II (Axial Retention Experiment for PMD Sponges II)

University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HES – SO), SWITZERLAND

Launch Date: March 2018

RX23 – DAEDALUS (Research of an Atmospheric Reentry of a Glider)


Launch Date: March 2018

RX23 – SPAN (SPAce Navigation using Signals of Opportunity)

Faculty of Engineering University of Porto, PORTUGUAL

Launch Date: March 2018

RX23 – TESOS (In-flight temperature measurement with structurally integrated fibre optic sensors)

Technische Universität München, GERMANY

Launch Date: March 2018

RX23 – VIPER (Vaporizing Ice Penetration Experiment on a Rocket)

FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences (FH Aachen), GERMANY

Launch Date: March 2018


REXUS – Rocket EXperiments for University Students – is an annual sounding rocket programme.


BEXUS – Balloon EXperiments for University Students – is an annual stratospheric research balloon programme.