New REXUS Experiments

The following experiments have been selected for Cycle 15 REXUS 33/34:

RX33 – PERSIS (Photopolymeric Extrusion of Reinforced Structures In Space)

Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany

RX33 – SOLDERx (Soldering Operations in Low-Gravity Environments for Research and Exploration)

University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

RX33 – SPECTRE (SPacE proof of Composite Tape-springs boom on REXUS Experiment)

Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Sweden

RX33 – WOBBLE2 (Weightless Observation of Fluid Behaviour with Berlin Liquid Guidance Experiment)

Technical University of Berlin, Germany

RX34 – FENRIR (Free fall Experiment uNit for Reduced-gravity Investigations and Research)

Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

RX34 – FINIX (Ferrofluid Implementations for Next GeneratIon Exploration)

Stuttgart University, Germany

RX34 – SHAMA (Sustainable Heat protective Ablative Material)

Dresden University of Technology, Germany

RX34 – SLOSH (Sloshing Experiment)

Augsburg University, Germany

RX34 – TELLER (Three-axis Experimental Low-altitude Laboratory for Exploring Radiation)

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary